Disaster Nursing Management in Indonesia

16 April 2018 by : superadmin

“Indonesia is a very disaster-prone country because its geographic position located at the end of the movement of three world plates: Eurasia, Indo-Australia and Pacific.” said Herni Susanti, SKp., MN, Ph.D on public lecture at Master of Nursing UMY.

Public lecture was held on 13 April 2018 who followed by 15 students of Psychiatry. In his presentation, Herni Susanti explained 3 things: Disaster Nursing Management, Psychosocial Handling in Disaster, and Mental Health Service for Family. Disasters occured in Indonesia such as, erupting volcanoes, floods, and landslides, posed various problems, such as, disease, clean water, and sanitation. How does a nurse contributed in such a situation? Generally, learning from the tragedy of the Tsunami 2014, there were some things that could be done post-disaster, such as providing psychosocial support, medical treatment to disaster victims in camps / refugee camps, and coordinated with other parties such as local government, red cross, and police-soldiers.

However, before the nurses provided relief to the victims, they should have adequate supplies and skills, including nursing examinations, providing nurses such as food, cloths, and medicines. They must also have competence in dealing with disaster victims. The safety of a nurse is the most important prior to rescuing the victims.