September 24, 2018 was the beginning of the learning activities new students  Master of Nursing (MKEP) UMY 2018/2019 period. It started by the inaugural lecture who was followed by 41 students from four specializations at 308 room on the 3rd floor of the UMY Postgraduate Building.

The inaugural lecture began at 08.00 WIB who was filled by Fitri Arofiati, S.Kp., Ns., MAN., Ph.D as the chairman Master of Nursing program. Beginning with an introductory session, class activities continued with discussions about nursing education in Indonesia and its general development. Fitri also explained about the scale of comparison of the nursing education system in Indonesia with other countries which included curriculum, research, international journals, and so on. In addition, the nursing challenges in Indonesia in the future in competing with globalization are also the focus delivered to new students. After the explanation of the nursing system material in Indonesia, the activity continued by question and answer session.

The first day of the MKEP  class ended at 5:30 p.m. Hopefully, new students Master of Nursing UMY can adapt themselves quickly so that they are able to follow the course of the lecture well.