Master of Nursing UMY Goes to China

22 October 2018 by : superadmin

Fourteen students Master of Nursing UMY 8th grade NEDU and Community’s concentration have arrived at Guangxi Medical University (GMU), China on Sunday,  21 October 2018. They will do an international clinical practice about 30 days. International clinical practice is the part of learning that has to be done by master students of Nursing at 3rd semester.

They will be guided and facilitated by student of GMU. Purposes of the activity are to knew how the implementation of nursing learning method in China, and the differences from Indonesia. Of course, Master students of Nursing will get many benefits because China is known has modern health method that supported by current technology. Master students of Nursing can see directly how the nursing method in China, so it will increase their knowledge about nursing method.

Besides, Master students of Nursing will experience the cultural differences between China and Indonesia. It will become a notable experience for them during the activity of clinical practice in China. Hope, the activities will be done well and they return to Indonesia without any obstacles.