The Master of Nursing program released students of 8th generation to carried out overseas clinical practice activities to four universities: International Islamic University Malaysia , Ubon Ratchathani University Thailand, Guanxi Medical University China, and Changhua Christian Hospital. Clinical practice or Student exchange is the part of study in Master of Nursing UMY.

In her speech, Erna Rochmawati, S.Kp., Ns., MNSc., M.Med.Ed., Ph.D as the secretary of the study program said, this program was held to improved the quality of education¬† in Masters of Nursing. “This student outbond program was carry out in order to reach a reputable university ” Said Erna on Thursday (10/04) in the 4th floor Amphitheater room of the UMY Kasman Singodimejo building. In addition, Erna also asked students to use the chance of international clinical practice activities as good as possible. “It would be a good experience because there would be many differences among there ad here, whether learning environment, facilities, or other health methods. Students must be able to analyze the gap or differences” Erna explained.

The farewell was also attended by 7th generation students who came to share their experiences of international clinical practice activities last year. The four students represented the four universities that would become the destination of 8th generation international clinical practice. Yurensi Felni Tjingaisa, S.Kep., Ns said, cultural differences would certainly be a challenge for her while undergoing the practice at Guanxi Medical University of China. “Especially about halal food was uncommonly found in China. But, don’t worry because they already knew about it and would guide us to choose which foods were halal and not. ” Said Yurensi . In addition, volunteers who would accompany students during practice in China were also very disciplined. “For example, we agreed to ask to be pick up at 8 am to go to a place, they would come to your dormitory fifteen minutes before 8.” Said her.

Other experiences were also shared by Rosita Jafar, S.Kep., Ns who did the clinical practice activities at Changhua Christian Hospital Taiwan. According to her, the learning system was quite stricted and disciplined. “They planned the schedule for our activities very detail and quite tight, so it was little bit difficult for us to take a tour during in Taiwan because we spent a lot of time in the hospital.” Said Rosita. She added, the technology facilities they used were very completed and modern. “Used this chance as good as possible to get to know the nursing method. Don’t forget to try all the facilities, because in there, the facilities were very complete and modern. “Closed her.