Research Methodologyimg_3490 Course (Blok II) is the part of first semester  corse. is not only contains about practical clinic and field trip, its also coming up the expert lecturer. This is for expanding knowledge and improve they activity in class. This Course is the most important than others, because students will learn the basic to make their thesis.




Monday, December 05, 2016, Master of Nursing be honour able to meet and conducted class discussion with Prof. Khanitta Nuntaboot from Khon Kaen University Thailand. She is a Dean of Faculty of Nursing Khon Kaen University Thailand. In this occasion, Prof. Khanitta Nuntaboot share about “Introduction Qualitative Research and Ethnography”. More about 43 students in class room are very excited about this topic.

This is their appreciative about Prof. Khanitta Nuntaboot