Speech from Dean Faculty of Nursing

Master of Nursing Postgraduate Program UMY in its implementation has 4 consentration option, namely Medical Surgical Nursing (KMB), Nursing Education Management (NEDU), Community Nursing, and Mental Nursing. Improving the quality of the learning process is a major concern to produce competent graduates both as care providers and educators, who are able to answer the challenges and demands of society on a national and international scale. The improvement of quality has been proven by achievement of  Accreditation Master of Nursing Postgraduate Program UMY. Based on SK BANPT No.463 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / M / XII / 2014 it is stated that the Master of Nursing Study Program UMY Accredited B. Learning experiences are given to students by implementing student center learning, which is a method of learning from a competency-based curriculum that has been compiled based on the Indonesian national qualification framework (KKNI). Furthermore, the learning process is also done in several universities and hospitals abroad which is a partner of Master of Postgraduate Program UMY, as an effort to increase the knowledge and experience of students about education and nursing services abroad. In addition, Islamic values ​​which are the founders of the Muhammadiyah educational institution, are integrated in the curriculum and learning process, so that students can implement it in the world of work. We hope that with the Master of Nursing Postgraduate Program UMY, can contribute in improving the quality of education and nursing services in Indonesia, as a form of responsibility of educational institutions Muhammadiyah to the nation of Indonesia.