Vision, Mision and Goals


Our vision is to become Master of Nursing Program that is a center of excellence in Indonesia in 2020 and in Asia in 2025, in the development of sciences and technology   through nursing research, based on Islamic values, for the benefit of the mankind.


Our Missions are:

  1. To provide Nursing education at master level based on national and international standards.
  2. To develop researches that produce nursing technologies
  3. To apply nursing science as part of community services for the benefit of the mankind
  4. To prepare students to become nurses who have noble character, and capable in integrating Islamic values to improve professional nursing services.


General Goals

To produce master of nursing graduates who have excellence in developing science and technology, with noble character and also capable to compete at national and international level.

Specific Goals

  1. To improve the quality of educational outcomes based on national and international standards.
  2. To develop research culture that produces efficient and applicable high-quality researches
  3. To improve evidence-based nursing services in order to improve community health status