Vision, Mission and Purpose


Towards excellent Nursing Master Study Program in science and technology development through nursing research based on Islamic valus for the benefit of the people in Indonesia by 2020 and in Asia by 2025



  1. Administer nursing master education with national and internastional standard
  2. Develop research which resulting nursing technology
  3. Implement nursing science as the part of community service for the people fof the benefit of the people
  4. Produce Nursing master scholars with noble characters and able to integrate islamic values to reinforce professional nursing care


General Purpose

Able to produce excellent nursing masters in science and technology development with noble characters to comete in national and international level

Specific Purpose

  1. Increase the result of teaching and learning with national and internatonal standard
  2. Increase research culture to roduce high quality and exact research
  3. Increase evidence-based professional nursing care for people’s health condition