Wound Management in Patients with Diabetes

2 June 2018 by : superadmin

Patients with diabetes require specific handling in treating injuries suffered. That’s what dr. Suriadi from Stikes Pontianak, delivered in a public lecture Master of Nursing UMY on May 31, 2018.

The general lecture was attended by six international students from Timor Leste. Generally, there are three phase of wound healing, namely the inflammatory phase, the proliferation phase, and the remodeling phase. Dr. Suriadi also explained the things that affected the wound healing process, included sugar levels, immune system, and cleanliness of the wound itself. Besides explaining in theory, Suriadi gave a little practiced about the using of elastic bandages to injured diabetic patients on the legs well and correctly.

Dr. Suriadi hope that students Master of Nursing UMY from Timor Leste can become pioneer in their country on the field of health after they finished their education at UMY, especially in giving handling and treatment to wound.