Master of Nursing UMY invited International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The aimed of these activities were to sharing experience and discussing about nursing education, research, and culture among them.

The activities be held during six days, started from 25 March until 1 April 2018. There were 6 persons from IIUM, namely Airul Azizan Zainudin, Mohd. Azlin Ismail, Wan Ahmad Subki Bin Razali, Pirehma a/p Mrimuthu, Sr. Siti Azuna Abu Bakar, and Sr. Rusila Ruslan. The activities of IIUM student at UMY started by welcoming speech & orientation program by delegation of UMY and continued by introduction session and sharing between UMY and IIUM. During at UMY, students of IIUM did presentation and scientific discussion with students of Nursing UMY. Besides, they did some activities, such as campus tour, visited hospital of PKU Gamping, and saw other facilities like library and campus canteen. They also did activities out of campus by took Yogyakarta tour.

Students of IIUM ended their visited at UMY on Thursday, 29 March 2018. Head of Master Nursing UMY, Fitri Arofiati, S.Kep., Ns., MAN., Ph.D hope that it can be an education collaboration between UMY and IIUM in the future, especially on nursing education.