Education’s hospital become one of the important elements to establish the quality of health workers before come into the world of health, as stated by Prof. Dr. Nursalam, M. Nurs (Hons) in general lecture at Master of Nursing UMY on 19 April 2018.

Through his activities in attending the 3rd Congress in Nursing Education (ACiNE) at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Professor Faculty of Nursing Universitas Airlangga attended to became the speaker of public lecture master of nursing who followed by 20 students master. About three hours, he delivered several important things related to to the fulfillment of health education facilities in supporting the quality of a health worker, such as preparing clinic facilities, hospital management education, establishing institutional cooperation with educational hospital, and determination quality of human resources.

Besides fulfillment of health education facilities, Prof. Nursalam also described the role of a Ners as a preceptor that includes functions and role models.